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Finder 5 coming out in November!! Akihito remains a hostage in the hands of the menacing Fei Long, but continues to hope Asami will come to his rescue! "Even if I die, Asami will get me back to Japan...won't he?"


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Finder Fans! Vol. 3 One Wing in the View Finder will be released in Feb 2011!


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Hello Finder Fans, you can read the Finder Series press release here on FinderSeries.com!


Welcome to the new Finder Site! More info will be coming out soon, so keep your eyes open!


Akihito Takaba

Freelance photographer with a free-spirited attitude, who is trying to document the illegal activities of the Japanese underworld, and especially those of Ryuichi Asami.

Ryuchi Asami

Prominent figure in the Japanese underworld, the mysterious and controlling Asami becomes fascinated with Takaba after their initial run-in, and attempts to capture him for his own personal use.

Fei Long Liu

Prominent member of a powerful Chinese Mafia family, who has a checkered past with Asami, and also becomes interested in Takaba because of his affiliation with Asami.

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